1. Mom #2

    Sabrina, I think your blog is fantastic and the message that you give is truly a God-given gift. I think this is your true calling, seriously, sweetie. And it’s apparent just how much you enjoy what you’re doing here. So even on those days when you can’t sit out on your deck in the sunshine to do this, please keep doing it, no matter the responses, no responses, positive or negative or nothing……You never know when the one person you reach is the one person who really needed to hear your words of encouragement and inspiration. I am so proud of you!! Love you, Mom

    • Sabrina

      Mom, Thank you so much for your encouragement. I truly do love this and my hope and prayer is that I can make a difference. If even 1 person is touched and or changed for the better because of something I wrote, then Praise the Lord! Love you to. Thanks again. Sam

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