1. Venus

    Sabrina, good read and I can so relate as I went through this with Bryce. Thank God homeschooling worked for us but it was really scary to think I had to help a 9th grader with homework when I was an eighth grade dropout!! Lucky for me, I am pretty smart…haha, but even better was I had a son that wanted to do good and applied himself. I got him tutors when needed, Dona and I helped when needed, but mostly he did it all himself because he wanted to. And the fact that he knew it would never be an option to not do his schoolwork. He scored higher in the required state testing than most high school students! Sometimes, the hardest decisions we have to make, turn out to be the best. So happy our children are adjusting well! Keep up the good work, friend!

    • Sabrina

      Thank you Venus. We’ve just gotta listen to our kids and do what works best for them. At first I found myself thinking and telling Micah she’d be fine. Everyone struggles in school, but the change in her person before school started was just the push I needed to realize it wasn’t going to work for her and made me choose differently.

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