1. Mom #2

    Sabrina, what you and Jeff and the kids have done to make this place a home for your Mom is amazing! I don’t know many people who would be willing to take on such a monumental task as this one has been. And the results are so worth it, as one, your Mom has got to be so happy with her new place, and two, you’ve done a remarkable make-over here!! I’m thinking maybe you guys should quit your day jobs and go into flipping houses??? ha Your efforts are to be applauded, seriously. If anyone knows how to pay it forward, it is you and Jeff and the kids, Micah and Jordan. You are a family of many blessings and I am so proud of you all!! Love you, Mom #2

    • Sabrina

      Thank you mom. It’s been way more work than I anticipated that is for sure. However, for her it’s worth it. I would NEVER flip houses! hahaha too much work.

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